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polishers/burnishers for hard floors

Polishers and Burnishers are for buffing hard floors to a high gloss shine. Commonly used on Terrazzo or Marble floors, or sealed floors such as vynil or linoleum.
  • electric 240 volt

    240volt Polishers and Burnishers are the cheapest and most common. They also require the least maintenance, so are the ideal solution for the small shop owner or professional cleaner.

  • battery powered

    Battery Powered Polishers and Burnishers are designed for larger areas, where a power cord would be a hinderance. They offer the mobility of Gas Powered burnishers without the associated risks and noise of Gas Powered Engines.

  • gas/internal combustion powered

    Gas Powered Burnishers are best suited for large areas where noise is not a concern. Typically used in large shopping centres where cleaning is done after hours.