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Mobile Cold water pressure cleaners

Mobile Cold Water Pressure Cleaners are used for general cleaning to remove dirt, mould, etc. They are the cheapest and most ecomonical pressure cleaner for a home user or small business. Some units can accept hot water from a tap.
  • 240 Volt

    240 volt Cold Water Pressure Cleaners are the most popular for Home and Small Business use, where the machine needs to be economical and quiet. Note that the larger units require a 15 amp outlet- this can be identified by a longer than normal vertical slot for the earth pin on the outlet.

  • 415 Volt

    415 volt Cold Water Pressure Cleaners are best suited for Industrial Users, where 415volt power is readily available. They are much more powerful and durable than the 240 volt machines.

  • internal combustion engine

    Cold Water Pressure Cleaners with a Petrol or Diesel engine are best suited for outdoor use where no electricity is available. They are used by Local Councils, Building and Construction, Landscapers, Farmers, and Mining.