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This list includes discontinued products


For sweeping of hard floors and low pile carpet, Sweepers use a rotating brush underneath to pick up litter and dust. Most powered sweepers have a built in vacuum and filter to prevent any airborne dust. Usually, a side brush is fitted to sweep dust away from the edges for the main brush to pick up. Some sweepers can be used on carpet.
  • walk behind

    Walk Behind Sweepers are suited for cleaning up dust and litter inside buildings and small to medium sized outdoor areas such as Warehouses, Factories, Schools etc. They are Manual dump, meaning you lift the waste container out by hand.

  • ride on

    Ride On Sweepers are best for cleaning up dust and litter outside and inside large buildings. Ideal for Large Warehouses and Factories, Airports, Docks and Container Terminals, Transport Depots, etc. The larger units are Hydraulic Dump, meaning the operator empties the waste container without leaving his seat.