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ride on

Ride On Sweepers are best for cleaning up dust and litter outside and inside large buildings. Ideal for Large Warehouses and Factories, Airports, Docks and Container Terminals, Transport Depots, etc. The larger units are Hydraulic Dump, meaning the operator empties the waste container without leaving his seat.
  • battery powered

    Battery Powered Ride On Sweepers have a rechargeable battery to power the machine. Best suited for environments where the machine needs to be quiet and polution free, such as inside factories, warehouses, shopping centres, etc.

  • internal combustion engine

    Internal Combustion Engine Ride On Sweepers are available in Lpg Gas, Petrol or Diesel versions. They are best for Industrial users where the machine has to work continously without time to recharge batteries. Suited to Councils, Transport Depots, Warehouses, Airports etc.