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(for carpet and hard floors)

This list includes discontinued products

Dry Vacuums

Dry Vacuums for cleaning carpet, hard floors etc. Designed for Houses, Hotels, Schools, Offices etc. Quieter and lighter than Wet/Dry vacuums, but must not be used for liquids.
  • Backpack

    Backpack Vacuums are best used in areas where there are a lot of obstructions or stairs. Examples include Cinemas, Offices Restaurants, etc. Smaller capacity than canister type, and may be louder.

  • Canister/Barrel type

    Canister or Barrel type vacuum cleaners are quieter, have a larger dust holding capacity and may be more powerful than backpacks. Ideal for Hospitals and Nursing Homes, Retirement villages, Schools and Offices, etc. Some units are designed specifically to be very quiet.

  • Upright/Large area

    Upright or Large Area Vacuums are used where there is larger open areas of carpet to clean. They can also be used on Hard Floors, but they have a rotating brush underneath which makes them ideal for carpet. Most units also have a removable wand for cleaning confined areas. Suited for Carpet Cleaning Contractors, Exhibition and Convention centres, Airports, Schools etc.