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This list includes discontinued products

Wet&Dry Vacuum

Wet and Dry Vacuums are designed for industrial use, and have larger capacities and more powerful motors. All units can vacuum dry or damp debris, but some are better suited for larger quanties of liquid. Used by all industries and commercial users.
  • standard

    Standard Wet and Dry vacuums are suitable for most applications, except where the dust is potentially explosive or hazardous. Some units will cope better with liquids than others,and some have automatic filter cleaning features. Please discuss your application with us.

  • pump out- for large liquid volumes

    Pump Out Vacuum Cleaners have an internal pump for large volumes of liquids. A garden hose or similar can be attached to this pump, which allows the vacuum to pump the water away to a drain as fast as it is sucked up. Ideal for Emergency services such as the Fire Brigade, Shopping Centres, or other situations where there is flooding.