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Cleaning Equipment Demonstrations

CLEANMASTER offers on site demonstrations to Commercial and Industrial users on most of our range of Cleaning Equipment.

We understand that you want to be certain that our cleaning equipment is high quality, and the best suited for your unique application.

One of our factory trained staff will visit your site to discuss and assess your requirements, to ensure that we give you the best possible cleaning machine for your needs.

Some of the Cleaning machines that we will demonstrate on site include:

  • Industrial or Commercial Water Pressure Cleaners or Water Blasters
  • Industrial or Commercial HOT Water Pressure Cleaners
  • Industrial or Commercial Floor Scrubbing Machines or Floor Scrubbers
  • Industrial or Commercial Floor Sweeping Machines or Floor Sweepers
  • Industrial or Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
  • Industrial or Commercial Steam Cleaners
  • PLUS much more!
Please  CONTACT US to arrange an inspection of your site and demonstration of Cleaning Equipment.