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FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

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Pressure Cleaners or Water Blasters

The Detergent or soap spraying function on my pressure washer won't work or suck up the soap?

Answer: Most pressure cleaners use a "pressure sensitive" venturi system to suck the detergent into the water spray. This means that you need to use the "Detergent Nozzle" attached to the spray lance of the pressure cleaner. This will be a nozzle with a much larger hole than the normal spray nozzle, or you may have to twist or pull the nozzle that is fitted to the machine. If possible, try removing the pressure nozzle from the trigger completely, and see if the detergent is sucked up then- If it does, then the problem is almost certainly the nozzle. Other causes may be that the detergent volume adjusting tap is turned off (sometimes this is incorporated into the filter on the end of the detergent hose) of if the Pressure Cleaner has been used for detergent before, that dried detergent may be blocking the detergent pick up hose. 

My pressure cleaner keeps starting up or pulsing when I am not using it?

Answer: This most likely indicates a water leak somewhere inside the pump, or in the pressure hose or trigger. Check if there is water dripping from the trigger when you are not using it- if there is water dripping, you will probably need to buy a new trigger. If you cannot see any water dripping, there is a fault inside the pump and it will need to be repaired by our technicians. It is a common problem with the smaller "hardware store" Pressure Cleaners.

My pressure cleaner vibrates or shudders and has no pressure when I am using it?

Answer: This indicates the pressure cleaner is not pumping correctly. There are a number of reasons for this: 1) Insufficient water supply 2) Sucking air from a worn seal 3) A stuck or worn valve inside the pump. Check the water hose you are using has sufficient flow for the size of the machine, usually 15 litres per minute is sufficient for most home Pressure Cleaners. This can be tested by checking if your hose can fill a standard 10 litre bucket in less than 45 seconds. If this is so, then the Pressure Cleaner possibly has an internal pump fault and needs to be repaired by our technicians.